Preparing for a Day at the Beach

With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it makes perfect sense to spend some “me-time” on the weekends and get some sun and sand. When you get a chance, zoom out of the house and head to the beach. In some areas, local communities have started to allow beach resorts to operate. For as long as everyone will follow the basic rules and safety protocols are in place, we can all start having some awesome time at the beach.

Sunglasses on the beach

Here are a few things to remind you of before heading out:

Pack up your essentials

Grab your sunglasses, sunscreen, and tanning oil. Be ready with your beach mat, or any wide clothing or mat you can bring along with, so you can choose a perfect spot to lay down on.

Bring your favorite book

This could be the best timing you can spend some time reading your favorite book. With your beach towels in place, you’re all set to lie under the sun for some vitamin D.

Choose your outfit

Whether you end up actually taking a dip, or just laying in the sand, it wouldn’t hurt if you’re all dressed up in that cutie little bathing suit. After all, you’ll be at the beach and nothing tops wearing your comfy outfit for the day. Pair it with a hat and you’re all set.

Sunbathing at the beach

Always be hydrated

Pack that water bottle with lots of water. Staying out in the sun too much may cause dehydration so make sure you pack enough water that will keep you feeling refreshed all day.

Charge your camera or phone

There are moments when you just would like to capture and treasure; a beautiful sunset or a nice tropical view of the sun, sand, and the beach. Check your gadgets to see if they have ample batteries to allow you to snap a quick photo of breathtaking moments. Make sure you bring with you a waterproof case to keep it safe from water and sand.

Pack it all in your beach bag

Having a ready go-to beach bag for all your beach essentials will come in handy. Have everything ready and pack it all in, this way you won’t forget anything.

Sunbathing women at the beach

Enjoy a full day at the beach with some precious time for yourself is the best stress reliever. Make the most of your precious time to unwind, relax, and to clear your head away from all the stress you may have had in the past week.

Camping with Kids at Home

Camping at Home with Kids

Are you always up for a camping adventure, but feel anxious about taking the kids with you? Fear not, you can always introduce the idea of camping to them but limit the location proximity to your very own backyard. Yes, you can always pitch that tent and have a wonderful camping experience with the entire family for a backyard camping adventure.

Here are some tips and ideas on how to camp in the backyard garden with the kids.

New Experiences

If it’s your kid’s first time to experience sleeping in a tent, it’s convenient that the basecamp is right next to the house. In case they realize they are not comfortable or that they would want to go home, you won’t have to worry much. All the facilities are very accessible within the compound. You can let them enjoy the camping experience without having to worry about actual campsite, expenses, and travel.

Kid Camping


Even when the campsite is very near your main house, that doesn’t mean you won’t prepare the camping essentials. Of course, you will need the tent and camping chairs. Squeeze in the sleeping bag and some pillows as well for a good night’s rest. Since there won’t be any light bulbs and lamps that your kids are familiar with in their bedrooms, make sure you bring some flashlights and headlamps to come in handy. Always make sure the kids are hydrated so let them take their water bottles with them.

Fun & Games

When it gets dark, it’s time to turn on that flashlight and be ready for some activities. You can gather around for some stories and legend tales. Or do some shadow play. When the sky is clear and the stars are out, it will be a great time for some stargazing. Try to identify their constellations, or maybe just figure out what shapes they make and tell stories about them.


Let this be a good time for the family to bond over cooking activities. You can set up an outdoor grill for those sausages, burgers, and hotdogs. Let the kids help out with preparing the food or the ingredients. This can be a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy. The kids can also enjoy those s’mores as sweet treats after dinner.

Cooking at camp


You can also take that musical instrument with you like your guitar or ukulele, and start filling the air with songs. Have a musical bonding moment with the entire family.

Having setup the campsite within your own backyard will give a full camping experience for your kids to enjoy. All while keeping them safe within the comforts of your home.

Outdoor Activities to Spice Up your Weekend

Road trip

Have you been staying too long at home for much longer than you would have expected? It’s time to get fresh air and some touch of nature. You can actually start doing this, as long as safety precautions are in place and you are still staying away from crowded places.

If you are busy working during the week, here are some ideas to spice up your weekend.

Go for a ride

If you have a car and your local community border now allows everyone to move about outdoors, then it’s about time you start doing so. Of course, we all need to follow all safety protocols and stay away from public places that have too many people. When you start driving, simply rolling your windows down and feeling the breeze of fresh air will give you a bit of nature’s touch that you have missed out in the past couple of months.

Follow the trail

Do you have a nearby trail in the community where you live? Grab those hike shoes and follow the trail. With all the time you have spent indoors, doing this hike may give you some sense of peace and may also calm your mind. While trekking, look out for any plants or any piece of nature that you find. Take time to look around and appreciate the wonderful scenery this trail hike will give you.

Camping outdoors

Pitch the tent

If you love to camp out and have been staying indoors for a while now, you have every reason to start doing what you love. If your local community now allows you to have some outdoor activities, start looking for private areas where you can stretch out those tent poles and tarps. Be it your own backyard, a friend’s backyard, or a nearby hill overlooking the city, anywhere possible can be a good location. Just be sure to stay away from crowded places and you will be all set.

Head to the beach

In some areas, local communities have started to allow beach resorts to operate. Of course, safety protocols are in place and for as long as everyone will follow the basic rules, we can all start having some beach time. Pack up your essentials, like sunscreen, shades, beach towels, and your favorite book then you’re all set to lie under the sun for some vitamin D.

Relaxing at the beach

These weekend activities are very vital to your physical and mental wellness. Plan ahead so you can have your weekends booked with fun activities, to balance out your weekdays that are mostly spent at home these days.