5 Trail Running Tips for Beginners

Do you enjoy running and love how this sport gives you a great full-body workout? You may also want to try running in the trails, especially if you have one close to your neighborhood. Although these two can be similar in many ways, you need to be aware of their differences before you start heading out and explore the trail area. Here are some trail running tips that will guide you on your new endeavour. 

Trail running

Keep your Eyes on the Trail

You can easily just look straight down while running or be amused by the surroundings, but this may quickly lead you to trip or fall. Allow yourself to focus your gaze towards a few feet ahead of you, instead of bowing down your head. Be familiar with the trail so you can anticipate where to take your next steps.

Slow Down

If you come across certain trails with a good nature spot, take time to walk or stop, and admire the beauty that surrounds you. There’s no shame in walking or slowing down in the trails as it is also important to be mindful of any obstacles while observing your surroundings.

Wear the Right Shoes

It’s always wise to invest in the proper type of shoes. Trail running shoes differ from road running shoes, as they are made to withstand rugged terrains and muddy trails. Make sure your shoes fit snug in the heel and have enough space in the toe box to avoid any injuries. When they get dirty after your trail run, take good care of your shoes. Wash off the mud and remove the insoles, and let them dry well.

Trail running shoes

Adjust your Pace

Don’t mind if your pace is not as fast as if you’re running on a straight concrete road. You will definitely have a slower pace when running in the trails and that’s perfectly fine. With trail running you need to run by your comfort level, and with the normal level of your heart rate. Don’t push yourself too hard. Instead, take time out to walk the incline and run the downhills. Build your strength to run uphills and always be careful to prevent injuries.

Bring Hydration

Always bring fluids with you whenever you go out for a trail run, as you may not know how long it will take you to complete the route. There will be days where it may take longer depending on the mud or other obstacles. There are different ways to carry fluids with you, either a hand-held bottle, a waist belt, or a hydration backpack. Choose which one suits you best.

Trail running hydration

Be mindful of these tips for trail running. This will keep you prepared and safe from any injury. Remember to have fun on the trails and always be careful.

Running Tips for Beginners

Do you see yourself as a beginner in running? Have you aspired to start a new workout scheme that will align with your fitness goals? Before you prepare your running gears and head out, check out these running tips for beginners.

Running for Beginners

Don’t Run Too Fast

You might get too excited with that sudden rush of energy that you will find yourself running too fast. When you start running, you should start at a moderate pace. The easiest way to test your running pace is when you can still easily hold a conversation. Even when you feel like you could run at a faster pace, you should maintain the same one for the whole distance. Do give your body enough time to gradually adjust to higher demands on workout activities.

Short Running Intervals

Now that you’re ready to run and decided on how far you want to run, keep in mind that you do not need to run the entire distance in one go. You can break it down into short intervals and keep them short to start with. It is totally fine if you decide to walk between the intervals to give some time to recover. It’s always a good idea to alternate between running and walking. Eventually, you can start to increase your running time and reduce the walking time. Gradually increase it until you can run the entire distance without stopping.

Easy Short Steps

To succeed in running, you need to have the proper technique and body coordination. Most beginners waste a lot of energy when they do not have the proper body form and technique. It is advisable to run easy and take short steps instead of doing long, powerful strides. Your body will need to develop that coordination with every mile that you run.

Easy Running for Beginners

Take Time to Recover

A simple training plan to follow is to have your schedule allow you to have rest days in between your running routine. Your body needs to rest to recover from your previous running session. Your cardiovascular system, as well as your bones and muscles, need to adapt to the new demands and be prepared for the next run.

Take Care of your Body

Running is a full-body workout, with your core in the center. It needs to be strong and stable for you to run tall and have full balance. Overall you need to have a well-conditioned body to help prevent injuries. Your muscles should be in good shape. All of your body parts must be prepared for this full-body workout. Once you get to have a regular steady running, this will help build a regular strength training and ultimately to have a better running performance.

Running Workout

With these easy tips for beginners, you will soon find yourself fully familiar with the running routine. Your body will then adjust and become stronger, giving you a favorable running condition.

Indoor Home Workouts for Remote Workers

Workout indoor mat

Now that you may be spending far too many hours staying safe indoors, make sure that you have adequate activities to keep your muscles moving and enough calories burning. Grab your yoga exercise mat and add your workout regimen to your routine. It might be easy to quickly slip into the habit of missing your workouts, but once you get things rolling and you feel the energy pumped up, you will definitely make sure you squeeze this into your schedule.

Find a time slot to add the workout to your schedule

Your workout schedule will depend on your preference. If you are a morning person, or a night owl, you may have certain preferences on the best time of the day that your body is perfectly fit for a workout routine. May it be the first thing in the morning when you wake up, or the last activity when evening strikes, it will depend on what you feel is best. What’s most important is that you selected a schedule that will work for you best, and you will stick to it.

Grab your exercise mat and find a spot in your home

Having limited options on where to spend your workout routine outside your home, you must now choose a spot indoors where you can lay out that mat and start crunching with your workout. Make this your constant workout place, so this will set the vibe for your workout scene.

Find the perfect workout moves


This is a good workout if you want to tone your core. Do a forearm plank and hold for one minute. Rest for a moment, then repeat. 

Workout planking

Jumping Jacks

You can do this by repeatedly jumping your feet wide while circling the arms overhead, and then back again. No special equipment is needed, so just make sure you are comfortable with your feet by wearing a good pair of shoes.


Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Engage your abdominal muscles. Pull your shoulder blades towards each other to open and expand your chest. Bend your knees to push your butt and hips out. In this squat position, make sure your thighs are parallel to the ground. Straighten your legs to release and return to standing.

Workout squat

These are just some of the indoor workouts you can try, but there’s a variety of options out there that you can check what might be best for you.

Cool down

As with any workout, it’s important for you to cool down. Let your muscles relax and stretch them out. Spend a couple minutes adjusting your breathing while stretching. This easy indoor workout will help you clear your mind and will definitely give you the energy boost that you need.

How to Reach your Fitness Goals by Biking

There are many ways to pursue your fitness goals and one of them could be as simple as riding your bicycle. It’s often exciting to start biking and you need to make sure the excitement doesn’t wear off once it becomes a routine. To help you get started and be on track, here are some tips to help you be active and always be on the go.

Set your biking schedule and plan ahead

It’s quite easy to slip into your old habits when you don’t have your plans laid out ahead. Be ready to set your biking schedule early on at the beginning  of your week. It’s up to you on what will fit best with your routine. Whether you’d want to set out biking at the start of your day, or towards the evening. No matter what you settle for, make sure that you will stick with the schedule that you have planned.

Get your gears ready

Check out these deals for your biking needs and accessories. Make sure you have all the necessary gears for your safety, such as helmets, gloves, and bike lights. You also need to check your bike parts and make sure they are all in place and in good condition. You must also have the right sportswear and shoes. For all your outfit and accessory needs, check out the deals at Nike and Leisure Lakes Bikes.

Set your route and explore new places and paths

Whether you want to bike around your familiar neighborhood, or you want to explore the nearby areas, it will all depend on what you want to see and experience for yourself. Going to new areas surrounding your home may also turn out to be a good adventure for you. You can check your trusted Map Application to familiarize yourself with the bike route you will be taking. You can choose to bike the city route, or you can choose a trail route, if your area has a few road-to-trail paths. Just make sure that your bike is fit for the route you want to take. Any route would be fine as long as you get to enjoy biking through it.

Use a sports tracker fitness app

There are many apps available and you may choose the best one that’s suited for you. You can use  Strava or MapMyRide, or check out similar apps that will help you track your progress. This will help guide you on your biking challenge, and give out statistics on how many miles you have travelled so far, or what has been the fastest speed you have taken for a certain distance, or just about anything that could gamify your biking statistics. It may also even give you reminders if you haven’t been out biking or haven’t used the application for quite some time. You can also set goals and connect with people you know. This app will soon turn out to be your trusted companion and guide to your biking fitness journey.

Solo Biker

Join biking virtual communities

Even when you’re out biking alone, you can make friends via your online social circles. You may check out virtual communities of local bikers. Be in the know of the recent news or tips, or just about anything that interests the local community of bikers. By joining a community, you get insider tips and information from your fellow bike enthusiast. You may even get to know them later on as you set out to common bike trails and routes.