What to Prepare Before Starting a Koi Fish Pond

If you have some extra space in your yard and you’re interested in setting up a pond, you can consider starting your own fish koi pond. To have a pond that is dedicated to colorful Koi fishes is a good way to keep them. You can choose a good spot in your yard where you can relax and simply appreciate these colorful fishes in their own habitat.

Red and white koi fishes

Before you start hauling the materials and bringing the new fishes in, you need to know a few things about them first.

Temperament & Origin

These fishes are generally peaceful, although at times they can also pick on other fishes. They are have originated from a type of carp that is native to Japan.

Size & Lifespan

Koi fishes can grow in size and get large quickly. They can grow up to 36 inches long or 91 centimeters. They have a long lifespan, being able to live for more than 50 years. They can also thrive in a wide range of water temperatures.

Koi fish

Pond Size

Knowing how big these Koi fishes can get, they will need a lot of space. You would want to prepare a good area with enough space. Keep the fishes in a pond that is at least 3 feet deep, having at least 50 gallons of water.

If the Koi fishes are still young, they can be kept indoors in an area with at least 30 gallons.

Set up the Pond

The pond must be in a quiet area out of direct sunlight and drafts. You may cover the pond with a hood to reduce the evaporation and that will also keep them from leaping out.

Transfer to the Pond

When transferring new koi to the pond, place the fish bag in the water. This will allow the fish to float in the water inside their bag for about 10 minutes, and the fish can acclimate to the new water temperature.

When transferring new koi to an existing school in a pond, make sure that you quarantine the new fish first in a separate body of water. Allow for 2 to 4 weeks of isolation to be sure they are healthy.

large koi fishes

After isolating the fishes and clearing them from any conditions that can possibly infect the existing school in the pond, you may now transfer them to the pond. Use a net to transfer the fish so the old water does not mingle with the new water.


Your backyard pond will definitely need proper filtration, and that will include both biological and mechanical filters. Your aquarium filter should be able to process the tank water in 3 to 5 times an hour.

You can also set up a bottom drain, as it will help with water changes.

orange and white koi fishes

With all this information handy, you can now start planning on how to set up your new outdoor koi pond. This can be placed in a good relaxing part in your yard where you can calmly hear the fishes swimming and be amazed at their natural colors.

4 Vital Commands Your Dog Can Learn

Dog obedience training is very essential as a dog owner. Letting your dog learn the basic commands can be very helpful when tackling behavior problems. This could be existing behavior issues or something that can develop in the future. Here are some ideas on what you can personally teach them without having to attend any formal classes.

Dog sitting in the park


This is one of the easiest commands to teach your dog and one of the most basic. You can do this by holding a treat above his nose and moving your hand up. This will allow his head to follow the treat and in turn, this will cause his bottom to lower. Once he’s already sitting, you can say ‘Sit’ and give him the treat, and pet him afterward. Do this a couple of times daily for a few days until he masters it. You can use this command to make him calm before mealtime, or even before going out for a walk.


This can be a bit challenging because this position is a submissive posture. You can start the training by holding a good smelling treat in a closed fist. Hold it near his mouth so he can sniff it, and move your hand to the floor while he follows. Guide him to lie on the floor by sliding your hand to the ground. Once he is down on the floor, say ‘Down’ and give him the treat. Pat his head or body to show affection.If he attempts to sit up or move towards the direction of your closed fist, take your hand away and say ‘No’. Repeat this daily until he masters it. 

Dog sitting at home


This is very essential when you want your dog to come to you, especially when you have lost grip on the leash or he has accidentally gone out of the open door or gate. To start training for this command, you can attach a leash and collar to your dog. Say ‘Come’ while gently pulling on the leash towards you until he gets to you. Give him a reward and affection afterward. Do this a couple of times until he masters it. You can later remove the leash and practice the command in a safe space.


When you want to train your dog with this command, make sure that he has already mastered the ‘Sit’ command. Let him sit and open your palm in front of him and say ‘Stay’. Move back for a few steps and if he stays, give him a treat and affection. Increase the number of steps back you have to take before giving him another treat.  This command is particularly set for your dog’s self-control.

Dog lying down in the park

Letting your dog learn all these basic commands can be very essential for his growth and discipline. Don’t be frustrated if it may take him a while to master. Just enjoy the activity and learning, and use this good quality time to bond with your dog.

5 Weekend Activities to do with your Dog

Golden Retriever Autumn Leaves

If you’ve been staying at home for a while and have been avoiding the crowds, don’t miss the chance where you can bond with your furry friend now that you have more time at home with them. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay locked up in your house. Grab the leash and let your dog have some outdoor fun.

Take him for a walk

Simply giving your dog a chance to walk and exercise is very important to his health. Take a couple of minutes to let him walk freely beside you. This exercise will not just be beneficial to your dog, but will also be great for your own health.

Play fetch

If your dog likes to play with you, allow him to play fetch. Giving him a chance to have this exercise. Running will make his legs stronger and his heart healthier. Choose a fetch toy that will be safe for him to place in his mouth.

Dog playing fetch

Take him for a ride

Whether it’s a car ride, or a boat ride, your dog will definitely be grateful for it. Think about how we can be happy when we go on rides. Our dogs will also feel the same excitement once we’re about to take him out of the house.

Teach your dog a new trick

They say that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Whether your dog is just a puppy or has been with you for a long time, it wouldn’t hurt to teach him a trick or two. Look at his progress and see if he’s actually learning something new.

Play in the park

If you have nearby parks that are now open, head over to that one. Just be mindful of the safety precautions and choose an isolated spot in the crowd, then you’re all set. Let your dog play in the grass, or in the leaves, anything that could be so much fun for him. This extra time outdoors for your dog is also very beneficial to you both physically and mentally.

Dog play in the park

Remember that your dog is your best friend and his loyalty is very important and irreplaceable. Spending activities with your dog not only strengthens your bond but also gives you physical and mental stimulation, which is good for your overall health.