Do you enjoy running and love how this sport gives you a great full-body workout? You may also want to try running in the trails, especially if you have one close to your neighborhood. Although these two can be similar in many ways, you need to be aware of their differences before you start heading out and explore the trail area. Here are some trail running tips that will guide you on your new endeavour. 

Trail running

Keep your Eyes on the Trail

You can easily just look straight down while running or be amused by the surroundings, but this may quickly lead you to trip or fall. Allow yourself to focus your gaze towards a few feet ahead of you, instead of bowing down your head. Be familiar with the trail so you can anticipate where to take your next steps.

Slow Down

If you come across certain trails with a good nature spot, take time to walk or stop, and admire the beauty that surrounds you. There’s no shame in walking or slowing down in the trails as it is also important to be mindful of any obstacles while observing your surroundings.

Wear the Right Shoes

It’s always wise to invest in the proper type of shoes. Trail running shoes differ from road running shoes, as they are made to withstand rugged terrains and muddy trails. Make sure your shoes fit snug in the heel and have enough space in the toe box to avoid any injuries. When they get dirty after your trail run, take good care of your shoes. Wash off the mud and remove the insoles, and let them dry well.

Trail running shoes

Adjust your Pace

Don’t mind if your pace is not as fast as if you’re running on a straight concrete road. You will definitely have a slower pace when running in the trails and that’s perfectly fine. With trail running you need to run by your comfort level, and with the normal level of your heart rate. Don’t push yourself too hard. Instead, take time out to walk the incline and run the downhills. Build your strength to run uphills and always be careful to prevent injuries.

Bring Hydration

Always bring fluids with you whenever you go out for a trail run, as you may not know how long it will take you to complete the route. There will be days where it may take longer depending on the mud or other obstacles. There are different ways to carry fluids with you, either a hand-held bottle, a waist belt, or a hydration backpack. Choose which one suits you best.

Trail running hydration

Be mindful of these tips for trail running. This will keep you prepared and safe from any injury. Remember to have fun on the trails and always be careful.