Do you have extra space within your home garden or space? Plant a fresh herb garden that’s very accessible to your kitchen.

Kitchen plant herb

Pick a Location

The first step you need to do is pick the location for your herb garden. A good location would be somewhere close to your kitchen, ideally just a few steps away. But anywhere else is good, as long as it gets enough sun during the day, normally about six hours. If you have space in front of your kitchen window, place the herbs in small containers, and start your indoor garden.

Prepare the Area

Start by loosening the soil. If the soil is compact or consists of heavy clay, add some compost or peat moss to improve drainage. Find a good schedule, like early in the morning or late in the afternoon, to prevent the news transplants from wilting in the midday sun.

Herbal Garden Bed

Dig the Holes

When you start digging, aim to create a larger size for the planting holes. Make it twice the size or width of the root of your new plant. This will give enough space for the roots to grow in their new space.

Add Plants

When arranging the bedding plant, place them about a foot and half apart. This will give them room to spread out and grow. Ideally, the taller herbs must be placed towards the back of the garden, and then place the shorter ones at the front.

Mint Herb

Label Herbs

This will come in handy when you want to easily identify your herbs. Add a label to each of the planted herbs and when you need them when cooking, it will be quite easy to identify them.

Water Often

Give them plenty of water. Once they are established, allow your herbs to get an inch of water each week throughout the growing season.

Harvest Time

As soon as they are mature you can start to harvest your herbs, but take only a little bit each time you harvest. You must not remove more than a third of the plant at one time, as it may take them longer to recover and produce new foliage. 

Herbal garden pots

Having your own personal herb garden is very useful and practical. You get to have easy access to fresh herbs anytime and can add these herbs to your cooking as often as you want.